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Cyprus is a great place to eat out. The food is always fresh and good value, especially in and around Polis. Restaurants tend not to offer particularly "fancy" food, but you will generally find something to suit all tastes, from "British food" to traditional Cyprus dishes, for both meat and fish lovers like.

The Meze -
Every restaurant seems to have its own style of Meze. Normally you can opt for either a fish or meat Meze, and you will get about six different types of meat or fish. To accompany the meat or fish you will receive 15 or so different dishes. Typically you would expect some bread, salad, potatoes, rice, beans, a wide variety of vegetables cooked in various styles , taramasalata, humous, tahini, or other similar dips.

A Meze is a good way to have a taster of many of the main courses on offer, as it will normally include smaller portions of the main courses. Most Mezes will leave even those with the largest of appetites bursting at the seams, and don't expect to have a quick Meze either.

The two main eating places are Polis itself and Latchi. However throughout the whole area there a huge number of restaurants. Prices tend to be lower outside of Polis and Latchi, but often have less choice. If you want to know more then click on the links below.


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