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Car hire in Polis and Cyprus:-

  • there are lots of companies offering car hire in Cyprus and the Polis area
  • all budgets are catered for - from small two door cars to 7 seater 4x4
  • all major car hire operators have representatives in the country
  • car hire at the two airports is great - the cars are parked in a the airport car park just a short walk away
  • when you hire a car you also pay for a tank of petrol (which is never included in prices quoted) and is paid locally
  • always return the car with the petrol tank empty
  • car hire is available for people over 21 - (but more commonly people over 25)
  • it does pay to shop around
  • hire cars have red number plates (local cars being yellow and white like the UK)
  • if you have young children then take your own car seats

Hiring a car is a great way to get around Cyprus. We always book one and pick it up at the airport. Prices depend on the time of year, and from around March/April the prices go up. Sometimes the queues at the car hire desks at the airport can be quite long and hot especially in the summer, so very often one of us will stay and wait for the luggage while the other leaves arrivals and sorts out the car hire paperwork.

If you have hired a car and have arranged to drop it off at the airport then returning it to the airport is very easy. All you need to do is park it in the car hire car park - then drop the key in one of the wooden boxes dotted around departures (at least this is what we have always been instructed to do). No one checks the car it your presence when you return it.

If you don't want to pick up a car at the airport then most of the major towns have somewhere to hire a car. Polis and Latchi have quite a few places to hire a car. You can even book your car with local companies to be picked or dropped off at the airport.

The first thing you will notice about hire cars is the red number plates. This marks you out as a tourist on the roads, and seems to work very well as a means to let other drivers this. As Cyprus is such a safe place, even more so in the Polis area there is no need to feel that this exposes you to any risk of carjacking or other such crime.

There are a number of unusual aspects to hiring a car in Cyprus .The most unusual is having to leave the petrol tank empty, it seems the rest of the world requires you to return the car with a full tank, but in Cyprus the reverse is true. This can be quite tricky especially if you are having the long trip to Larnaca airport, but at least you don't have to worry about finding a petrol station when you're driving back to the airport. We have never had to .

Baby seats and child seats  - our experience of hiring these has never been good, as they have always looked old and have been difficult to use. We now take our own, which can be a bit of a nuisance, but is cheaper and we know that our children will be safer.

Before you book your car at the airport it is worth comparing the price of a taxi or airport transfer to get you to your accommodation and getting the hire car delivered to your villa or apartment, or picking one up locally. You may find there is no cost difference as it may save you an extra day or two car hire, meaning that you can have a drink on the flight and driving after a long days travelling.

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