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Under current rules non-Cypriots (both EU and non-EU citizens) need a permit to purchase a property, and this is restricted to 4,000 square metres. From April 2009 these restrictions will be lifted for members of EU states. For most people these restrictions pose no problems.

The legal process of buying a property is broadly similar to that in the UK, although there are some differences for especially for new properties. A good lawyer who is experienced in the field is essential who will conduct searches and exchange contracts when appropriate, and arrange title deeds.

There are a number of additional costs involved in buying a property in Cyprus, in addition to the normal legal fees.

Stamp Duty - this is due within 30 days of the sale, and is 0.15% for properties up to 100,000, and 0.20% on purchase in excess of 100,000.

Transfer Fees - this is payable when the property is register in the new owners name with the land registry. This is 3% for the first 50,000, 5% between 50,001 - 100,000 and 8% in excess of 100,001.

Vat - this amounts to 5% where the property is the owners main residence and 15% for second properties

Developers and Estate agents are two types of companies to use in your search for a property. If you're after an older property then an estate agent is likely to be your best choice, but if you're considering a new property then you can either buy direct from the developer or through an estate agent.

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