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People & Lifestyle - Polis, Cyprus
The majority of Cypriots we have encountered have been warm and friendly. Most Cypriots are happy to talk to tourists, without a hidden agenda.

When passing a restaurant we have been to before we have been given drinks, and spent a time just chatting. When struggling out of hours with the automatic petrol stations people have been more than happy to help feed in the bank notes and guide you to get petrol. 

The pace of life is certainly much slower than in the UK, it is best to accept this AND enjoy it.  Maybe it is the heat or just the way of life but don't expect fast food in a restaurant to be fast, or to find it unusual for a car to stop in the street for someone to chat to his friend passing by.

It is also a very family orientated country and children are welcome in most places. You don't feel the eyes glare at you as you enter even a quite "posh" restaurant accompanied by young children. Cypriots will welcome you with a warm and friendly smile for you and your children.

In many ways Cyprus is far more advanced than the UK. Mobile phones seem to work even in the most remote mountains, self service - unmanned petrol stations are open 24 hours a day. There is no graffiti, no children hanging around street corners intimidating passers-by, it is by all accounts, and it certainly feels a very safe place to visit.

Cyprus is a very laid back country, with warm and friendly people, and has a very low crime rate. It is a great place to visit and enjoy the more relaxed pace of life and atmosphere.

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