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Top ten things about Cyprus we love (or at least the part we visit):-

The weather - it offers 340 days of sunshine per year.
The air is clean

ou don't need bottled water.
The scenery is diverse and there are lots of things to do.
It has lots of historical attractions
It is a great place to walk
Practically everyone speaks English
The people are friendly
They drive on the left

The cost of eating out is still cheap


Cyprus is the third largest island in the Mediterranean, and is an all year round holiday destination. It is Greek in culture and language (but is not a part of Greece or a Greek Island).

Cyprus is a well developed modern country, made prosperous by the influx of tourists, which accounts for the majority of the countries wealth. It is now part of the EU, though yet to adopt the Euro as its currency. The currency is the Cypriot Pound.

Cyprus itself does in fact cater for all tastes. It offers the hedonistic lifestyle in Agia Napa for those looking for drinks and clubs, as well as catering for families looking for a "Spanish type" package holiday, in resorts such as Protaras or Paphos itself. And, it also offers a more relaxed type of holiday, in the more remote and less commercialised area of Polis. This website is dedicated to this type of holiday.

We go to Cyprus two or three times a year, and the magic never fades. The part of Cyprus we go to is the Western part (in the Southern Republic), in the area of Polis, which is within the District of Paphos.

The part we love is the western part, north of Paphos in and around the Polis area. It is much quieter, has far less visitors and we feel retains a much more Cypriot lifestyle and atmosphere.




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